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Personal and Small Business Branding


The days of stiff corporate headshots in offices are long gone. Clients and customers want to know who you really are and what you're all about. That can seem a little daunting but a selection of professional photos you can use for websites, brochures and social media is a great place to start!

Running two businesses myself I understand the pressures around trying to constantly come up with new and fresh ideas and content (and thinking up Instagram captions!) so this will be a colaborative process to ensure you get beautiful images which will really benefit you. I also understand how intimidating being in front of the camera can be, which is why we will keep things as relaxed and light as possible and that will come across in the final images.

We will have a consultation before the shoot date to chat through what you are looking for, your ideal clients, your business aims and who the person behind the brand is. Most importantly how we can show that with a set of images that really represent who you are!

Sneha Headshots-16.jpg
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